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problems that we face. One example is that we teach
environmental studies. These kids grow up understanding
that the environment has to be taken care of, and wherever
they go they’re conscious of the fact that environmental
conservation is an important part of their lives.”

–Consolata Muganda, Deputy Head Teacher,
Maji Maji Primary School, Nachingwea, Tanzania

Since its start in 2010, a project to increase youth employment and leadership
in northern Pakistan has provided over 3,300 young women and men with
targeted vocational or professional training ranging from construction, to early
childhood education, to solar panel design. Another 1,033 recent graduates found
internships in their chosen career path thanks to the program.

Since 2013, AKFC has supported 11 partnerships between universities in Africa and Asia and Canadian universities
and colleges to share knowledge and strengthen higher education and research. Through one partnership, Seneca College
in Toronto helped the University of Central Asia design an innovative, first-year undergraduate curriculum. As of September
2016, the first class of 71 students from Afghanistan, Kazakhstan the Kyrgyz Republic, Pakistan, and Tajikistan are
benefiting from that new curriculum.

Our education programs do not work in isolation. They complement many other initiatives undertaken by AKFC and our
partners to strengthen access to quality health care, improve food security, promote sustainable livelihoods and economic
opportunities, and support local organizations and leaders to guide their communities’ development.
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