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Don’t be fooled by their size. Members of the YEG’s Tots      The achievement was rewarding for Murji, who planted
and Tykes team might stand less than three and half feet      the seeds of this journey four years ago at home, when
tall, but each stride they take towards alleviating global    she became a mom. “I’ve been a Walk ambassador for
poverty means a smoother journey for children treading        as long as I can remember,” says Murji. “When I had my
on rougher terrain – those halfway around the world           first daughter, we started a family team. It grew to include
without access to the basic daily resources that help young   my brother-in-law’s family and his daughter. We wanted
Canadians grow and thrive. Whether it’s a trot, stroll or     [the Walk] to be a family tradition – something we could
determined crawl, these tiny ambassadors are a huge           do annually together to raise funds and teach our kids the
example of giving in motion, through an event that fittingly  value of giving back to the less fortunate.”
celebrates tapping human potential.
                                                              Murji attributes the team’s achievement not only to the
Consisting of 12 families – including 18 children             persuasive charm that only kids seem to possess, but also
ages 0-5 – the team came together just this year thanks       to the message they’re sending about kinship to other
to proud mother of two, Aneesa Murji. An avid volunteer       children around the world. “It’s hard to say no to children.
from an early age, Murji understands the transformative       I think donors feel a real connection they are helping kids
power and virtues of compassion and gratitude that            just like these kids to reach their potential.”
volunteerism breeds. “Our kids are the leaders of tomorrow,
and it’s never too early to teach them these values,”             DID YOU KNOW?
says Murji. She was eager to pass on the importance of
philanthropy to her children, and her enthusiasm proved             Becoming a Walk team captain is a great way
infectious for other parents.                                       to volunteer and get your workplace, friends
                                                                    and family involved.
The result was astounding. Murji set what she thought was
a “realistic and achievable goal” of $3,000 for the newly
formed team, but was “blown away with the results” when
the team raised an incredible $16,990. The message on
the shirts sported by the young crew perfectly captured
their success: “We’re little, but we make a big difference.”

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