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From the base of Everest to the peaks of Kilimanjaro and       Ranging significantly in age from 27 to 75, the group of
Machu Picchu, Zahir Bhanji’s trekking pursuits are proof       16 participants hiked daily for six to eight hours over three
of his relentless desire to reach new heights. In fact that’s  days covering diverse, often challenging terrain. The hike
exactly what the soon-to-be 60-year-old did to raise funds     became an initiative that fostered a cross-generational
for the 2016 World Partnership Walk as Team Captain            community dedicated to alleviating global poverty as hikers
of the Bruce Trail Hikers.                                     covered 15-17km a day together.

Bhanji proposed a 50km adventure to a group of fellow          A mixture of innovation, play and hard work, this trek-
outdoor enthusiasts; a journey which consisted of the first    walk fusion delivered a freshly tailored, “out of the box”
45km trekking through Ontario’s famous Bruce Trail and         experience for World Partnership Walk participants.
the last 5km stepping into a lively finish at the Toronto
World Partnership Walk.                                           FIND OUT MORE

With each participant expected to raise a minimum of               Email [email protected] to learn how
$1,000, Bhanji’s original target was $20,000 which was             you can organize your own do it yourself fundraiser
surpassed with an impressive $36,850 actually raised.              in support of World Partnership Walk 2017.

Open to all age groups, an easy commute from Toronto,
it’s no wonder the May hike had appeal. “We wanted to
give an experience beyond Walk day,” said Bhanji who has
supported the Walk since the campaign’s debut 32 years ago.

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