Page 23 - 2016 Impact Report
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You don’t need to convince Fiaz Basaria and Adil Bharmal that efforts to end global poverty should
be everybody’s business, especially corporate leaders. They have witnessed the benefits and impact
of mobilizing their professional communities to support the transformative work of Aga Khan
Foundation Canada (AKFC) through the World Partnership Walk Campaign.

Basaria is CIBC’s Director of Capital Markets/Wealth     Many of AKFC’s corporate supporters attest that the
Management Operations in Toronto and the National        benefits of employee engagement are win-win; not only
Chair of the World Partnership Walk, and Bharmal is      are companies helping to address the pressing social
a General Manager at CIBC in Vancouver and a long-       issues of our time, but by engaging their workforce
standing Walk supporter. This year they spearheaded      through workplace teams and corporate volunteering,
the formation of CIBC’s Toronto and Vancouver            they are also enriching their corporate culture with a
workplace teams to raise awareness and funds for         spirit of purpose, community, and civic engagement.
AKFC’s poverty-alleviating work. The result was a total  Bharmal sees the Walk as “an opportunity to invest in
of 51 team members, having a lot of fun, and raising     the communities where we live and work”. “The power
an impressive $34,000.                                   of our organization is in the people that we have. If
                                                         we’re able to engage our staff in causes and experiences
Basaria has seen AKFC’s projects first-hand and          that matter to them, it helps build a more inclusive and
believes in the power of tapping corporate networks      inspired environment”.
for social good. “Employee engagement is an
opportunity for Canadians to contribute in a meaningful  Be part of the movement to end global poverty.
way; I have seen the Foundation’s life- changing work    Register your workplace team for the World
and met with communities whose quality of life have      Partnership Walk in 2017.
been improved”, says Basaria, adding that companies
have the resources, organizational structures
and passionate professionals that can contribute
significantly to international development”.

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