Page 24 - 2016 Impact Report
P. 24

                 While studying International Development for my undergraduate degree at McGill, a
   24            friend approached me to volunteer for the World Partnership Walk in Montreal. I was
                 inspired to join after learning about how reputable Aga Khan Foundation Canada
                 (AKFC) is in the work of international development. At my first Walk I learned even
                 more about the impact of the Foundation’s work and was excited to include this
                 volunteer experience on my CV. Now, I re-join Montreal’s World Partnership Walk
                 every year because of the personal growth it has afforded me and the relationships
                 I have established.

                 I appreciate that AKFC believes in me and inspires me to challenge myself. It’s great
                 to feel like you are part of something bigger than yourself, part of something that is
                 doing good in the world. When you volunteer for AKFC, you are appreciated by the
                 Foundation, you are inspired by others, and you meet amazing people who care
                 about the same issues that you do.

                 BARBARA KARA

                 My inspiration to volunteer with World Partnership Walk was sparked after
                 participating as a fundraiser and donor in the 1997 Edmonton Walk. Although initially
                 hesitant and unsure of my abilities, the positive “can-do” attitude and the support I
                 experienced from Aga Khan Foundation Canada (AKFC) and the local volunteer team
                 were central to my success. I have been able to develop a variety of skills such as
                 networking, event planning, creating marketing strategies, logistics and organizational
                 skills -- the list goes on. However, I think the most valuable part of volunteering for
                 AKFC is knowing you can make a difference. The friendships I have developed and
                 the sense that my small contribution has helped change the lives of many means
                 a lot to me. I am fiercely proud to say I am a volunteer with AKFC.
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