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Investing in education is a commitment to future               The Walk is Canada’s largest event in the fight against
generations. It is a long-term endeavour, the full benefits    global poverty. A national campaign, it requires the talent
of which we may only see decades later. And yet, we are at     and dedication of thousands of volunteers and sponsors.
a time in history when the global fragilities and destructive  This report captures some of their inspiring stories.
forces we are encountering are so severe that those
investments in education are terribly urgent.                  As Canadians, we understand the importance of
                                                               education for the well-being of ourselves and of our
For the evidence is clear: a focus on education at all levels  communities. That’s why, in 10 cities across Canada,
is key to breaking the cycle of poverty, to promoting peace,   tens of thousands of individuals like you stepped
pluralism and prosperity.                                      forward in 2016 with the Walk to support that urgent,
                                                               but long-term commitment.
For over three decades, Aga Khan Foundation Canada
(AKFC) has made education a cornerstone of our work            This year, thanks to over 2,600 volunteers, 510 teams
in communities across Asia and Africa.                         and many corporate sponsors, we raised $7 million – funds
                                                               that will go directly to support AKFC’s programs in Africa
QQ Early childhood education programs nurture healthy          and Asia. Those programs – encompassing a focus not
   minds and bodies for a lifetime of learning.                only on education, but also on health, food security,
                                                               rural development and civil society – address the root
QQ An innovative fund allows communities in Afghanistan        causes of poverty on many fronts, over the long term,
   to identify and develop the tools to break down the local   in partnership with local communities.
   barriers to girls’ education.
                                                               Thanks to your generosity, our development programs are
QQ Farmers’ field schools offer new agricultural practices     addressing the urgent needs created by global poverty
   that increase crop yields, and therefore incomes and        today, and laying the foundation for a brighter future for
   food security, while countering the effects of a            millions. In 2017, we will continue to step forward with
   changing climate.                                           Canadians to build a better world. Please join us.

QQ A system-wide approach engages parents, teachers,           Khalil Z. Shariff         Amin Lalji
   administrators and government officials to strengthen       Chief Executive Officer,  Chairman,
   the quality of education in thousands of schools            Aga Khan Foundation       AKFC National Committee
   across East Africa.                                         Canada
QQ University programs provide future leaders with
   the knowledge and skills to tackle critical
   development challenges.

These are just a few of the efforts to fight global poverty
through education made possible through the World
Partnership Walk. We are pleased to feature some of our
current and new education initiatives in this report.
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