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1.5 BILLIONAROUND THE WORLD, ALMOST                            PEOPLE LIVE



At Aga Khan Foundation Canada, we help people in               But none of that success would be possible without one
some of the poorest parts of the globe to break down those     very special, longstanding partnership.
barriers. We tackle poverty on many fronts: improving access
to quality education and health, increasing food security,     Every spring, tens of thousands of Canadians across the
creating economic opportunities for women and men, and         country lace up their sneakers to participate in AKFC’s
building strong, resilient communities and local institutions  World Partnership Walk, Canada’s largest event in
that will continue to support better futures for all.          support of alleviating poverty.

Poverty is complex, and to fight it we face many challenges.   This annual fundraising campaign rallies support for
But success is possible.                                       development, equips individuals with the information and
                                                               resources they need to act as informed global citizens,
How? By working in partnership.                                and creates opportunities for Canadians to engage locally.

Across Africa and Asia, we partner with communities            This year, more than 40,000 Walkers hit the streets
to develop lasting solutions to the complex problems           in 10 cities across the country – Calgary, Edmonton,
causing poverty – working with skilled local staff and         Kitchener-Waterloo, London, Montreal, Ottawa, Regina,
community members.                                             Toronto, Vancouver and Victoria – and teamed up with
                                                               families, colleagues and friends to raise $7 million to
Overseas and here in Canada, we partner with                   fight global poverty.
governments, civil society organizations, private
enterprises and universities to unlock new opportunities,      Since 1985, the World Partnership Walk has raised over
knowledge and resources.                                       $100 million for AKFC’s development programs in Asia
                                                               and Africa, thanks to thousands of dedicated volunteers,
What is the result of these partnerships? Since 1980, we       corporate sponsors and individual donors across Canada,
have helped millions of people in Africa and Asia unlock       who generously give their skills, time and money.
their potential to transform their lives.

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