For 40 years, AKFC’s programs overseas have contributed to a wide range of activities to reduce poverty and build the foundations of resilient communities. This work includes a substantial portfolio of programs which aim to strengthen healthcare systems at the local and regional levels, in Africa and Asia.
Our activities continue during the current COVID-19 crisis. Our programs have adapted to respond to the evolving needs facing each community where we work. This includes activities to prevent the spread of the virus and provide care for patients (especially the severely and critically ill), as well as education programming to ensure students can continue to learn remotely. Our approach also aims to minimize the pandemic’s effects on communities more broadly, with supports for the vulnerable, social services, and economic activity.
As part of this response, we are mindful of how the pandemic affects different populations in different ways, particularly women and girls. Our programs are taking a nuanced approach to addressing gender and other social barriers, so that everyone can get the support they need.

AKFC provides a range of opportunities for Canadians from coast to coast to help unlock opportunity around the world. We hold events – such as exhibitions and interactive workshops – that enable the public to learn about global development. AKFC’s youth fellowship program has launched global careers for 500 promising young Canadian professionals, and our technical assistance programs help strengthen and channel Canadian skills and expertise to support our work overseas. Targeted activities and resources promote learning and exchange within the Canadian development sector, and provide tools for educators to incorporate global issues into their classrooms.

Experienced, local professionals and partner organizations implement AKFC’s overseas programs. These professionals draw on targeted Canadian and global expertise where needed, to build the skills and knowledge that local communities need to sustain improvements over the long term. Independent audits and evaluations ensure accountability and the effective use of resources, as well as help AKFC identify lessons and best practices to strengthen its programs.

AKFC undertakes many of its programs in cooperation with the Government of Canada through Global Affairs Canada. Like other development organizations that receive funding from the federal government, our programs are subject to rigorous proposal processes, regular audits, and external evaluations. Since 1980, Canada and AKFC have partnered on more than 180 programs to improve global development in 19 countries – improving quality of life for millions of people across Africa and Asia.

Effective development takes time, so we focus on countries where we can make long-term investments in strengthening the capacities of communities and institutions to sustain development gains. That focus enables us to draw on the expertise and resources of the wider Aga Khan Development Network, including highly skilled local staff who can deliver programs, monitor progress, and ensure effective results. Currently, AKFC works in 15 countries, with some of the most vulnerable people in Africa and Asia.