These are the keys to a lockbox where 12 members of a savings group in Mozambique are investing their earnings. With the return on their investments, they are able to make basic improvements to their homes, like a freezer, an oven, a table and chairs, bowls and plates, and a roof that doesn't leak.

Several wooden spoons and forks are perched on a table as Fatima puts the finishing touches on another one. Around her, other carpenters are carving signs, measuring material, and smoothing out large pieces of wood for new projects. Working in a comfortable rhythm, they all appear at ease in the workshop.

Recycled wood, a handful of screws, and a few tools - sometimes, it doesn't take much to transform a father's relationship with his child.

Night is falling in rural uganda. Under a mango tree outside their home, betty dracelle and her seven-year-old son Acidiri settle onto a woven mat. It's time for their evening ritual - a ritual shared by parents and children around the world.