Ambassador spotlight

Ambassador Spotlight


Alyssa Barry


“It’s great to hear stories of success year after year, about the lives and communities that have been touched by our fundraising and sponsorship dollars, and through increased in awareness about the foundation and the cause."



Farhan Hirji


"I love the sense of satisfaction that being part of such a great cause brings. A few years back I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to visit some of the AKFC projects in East Africa. Experiencing firsthand what the projects are all about and how the funds raised are used, was extremely rewarding."


Aleem Mussa


"I feel satisfied knowing that if I raise $100 or $1000, many kids or families will be supported. It’s a feeling that you made a difference, and that is what keeps me going every year."


Habiba Rajan


"I have organized a workplace team through my work [Scotiabank] for over 10 years. Scotiabank matches our groups’ donations (up to $15,000). Because 100% of funds raised go towards the cause, asking people to make a donation is easy. Anything raised – even a few dollars – makes a difference”