Impact Report

The impact of World Partnership Walk

World Partnership Walk is a story of Canadians leading change. Our volunteers, fundraisers, donors, and sponsors have stepped forward year after year to make a meaningful and lasting impact globally.

The $120 million raised through the Walk to date has contributed directly to over 180 initiatives in 15 countries that have reduced poverty and improved the quality of life for millions in Africa and Asia.

Funds raised through the Walk have unlocked support from the Government of Canada and other partners, enabling our programs to reach more people, address shared Canadian priorities, draw on Canadian expertise, and share lessons and best practices for tackling global poverty.

We engage 40,000 Canadians every year through World Partnership Walk. Not only do we raise funds through the Walk, but we also raise awareness, build knowledge, and inspire Canadians to take action to fight global poverty.

We can’t wait to see what we will achieve together in the years to come!

Past Walk Impact Reports