This June, Danisha Bhaloo and Adil Shivji, long-time supporters of World Partnership Walk, will say “I do”. Knowing their wedding falls on Walk weekend, Adil and Danisha decided to commemorate their special day by engaging their guests in the campaign.

Voici les clés d'un coffre où 12 membres d'un groupe d'épargne au Mozambique investissent leurs revenus. Avec le rendement des investissements, ils sont en mesure de faire des améliorations de base dans leur maison, comme un congélateur, un four, une table et des chaises, des bols et des assiettes, et un toit qui ne coule pas.

Several wooden spoons and forks are perched on a table as Fatima puts the finishing touches on another one. Around her, other carpenters are carving signs, measuring material, and smoothing out large pieces of wood for new projects. Working in a comfortable rhythm, they all appear at ease in the workshop.