Superhero Siblings Fight Global Poverty

One warm, sunny day in early May, super siblings Aalishan and Aalameen stepped forward with World Partnership Walk to fight their archnemesis, global poverty. For decades this international villain has affected upwards of 836 million people around the world, locking them out of the opportunity to reach their full potential. Armed with compassion, Aalishan and Aalameen hatched a sweet battle plan: selling donuts at their school!

Flexing what they like to call their “compassionate muscles” and honing their public speaking and time management powers, the duo engaged their teachers and classmates at Upper Canada College. With hard work and dedication, the brothers presented World Partnership Walk at school assemblies, created their own donut marketing posters, and sent emails educating their networks about the cause. Not to mention manning their booth and making sweet sales!

“We have made our compassionate muscles stronger through participation, recruitment, engagement, and active involvement in the Walk,” says the duo.

Inspired by the super siblings, Aalishan and Aalameen’s classmates became united for a common good. From a dynamic duo, the Upper Canada College team has grown into a strong alliance of World Partnership Walk fundraisers, with each teammate contributing his or her special skills and abilities. Together, these poverty busters have sold over 1,200 donuts and in just a short time raised over $15,000. Kapow!

How will you fight global poverty? Find inspiration in the Fundraise My Way Kickstarter and embrace your inner superhero today!