Actions Speak

We have 35 years of real results that show how World Partnership Walk provides a way for Canadians to act locally and have meaningful and lasting impact globally:

  • The $120 million raised through the Walk to date has contributed directly to over 180 initiatives in 15 countries that have reduced poverty and improved the quality of life for millions in Africa and Asia.
  • Funds raised through the Walk have unlocked support from the Government of Canada and other partners, enabling our programs to reach more people, address shared Canadian priorities, draw on Canadian expertise, and share lessons and best practices for tackling global poverty.


In 2012, the Government of Canada and Aga Khan Foundation Canada launched an unprecedented $100-million partnership to tackle the root causes of poverty in Africa and Asia.


Thanks to the support of tens of thousands of Canadians through World Partnership Walk, we unlocked the potential of over a million women and men, girls and boys across Africa and Asia to build a better life – and laid the foundations to ensure that millions more continue to benefit in the years to come.


Explore our interactive 1 Million Lives Unlocked digital report to see the impact of this initiative and some of the million individual stories of change it inspired.