We appreciate your interest in World Partnership Walk. We’ve compiled answers to the most frequently asked questions that we receive. If we’ve missed anything, please feel free to contact us.

What is World Partnership Walk?

An initiative of Aga Khan Foundation Canada, World Partnership Walk is Canada’s largest public movement to fight global poverty. Launched in 1985, the Walk rallies support for development, and creates opportunities for Canadians to engage locally. Donations raised through the Walk go directly to support AKFC’s development programs in Africa and Asia.

When is World Partnership Walk?

The campaign will officially kick off on March 12 and will culminate on June 2.

Where is World Partnership Walk?

World Partnership Walk is a national fundraising campaign with supporters across the country. We’re inviting Canadians to self-organize with family, friends, or individually and walk anywhere they choose between May 26 and June 2. In addition, participants have the option to attend one of our signature World Partnership Walk events in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton.

How can I get involved?

There are many ways you can get involved: Register as a fundraiser: Join the movement alongside thousands of other Canadians who are stepping forward to fight global poverty. Donate: Support Aga Khan Foundation Canada’s projects by donating to World Partnership Walk.

Why should I participate?

By participating in World Partnership Walk, you can help Aga Khan Foundation Canada continue its commitment to communities in more than a dozen countries across Africa and Asia where simple yet innovative initiatives are targeting basic needs and empowering communities. World Partnership Walk is the only national, grassroots event that allows you to contribute directly to programs that support vulnerable communities to lift themselves out of poverty.

What if my city is not listed?

The Walk has a celebrated history in 10 Canadian cities. We invite participants in these areas to continue the legacy – and contribute to their city total – by registering to fundraise in their city. If you’re not in one of these cities, we invite you to register to “Walk Anywhere” and help us spread the legacy to new corners of the country!

World Partnership Walk and COVID-19 

As COVID-19 continues to change the way we live and work, we want to make sure your World Partnership Walk experience remains safe, fun, and memorable. 

While many things have changed, our commitment to building a more peaceful, prosperous, and pluralist world for all remains steadfast. By supporting the work of the Aga Khan Development Network, we are at the forefront of the COVID-19 response to provide urgent humanitarian assistance, slow the virus’s spread, care for the infected, and respond to the broad consequences of the virus across Africa and Asia. 

How do I register? 

There are three ways to register for the Walk: You can start a team, join an existing team, and participate as an individual.  Choose your Walk City in the navigation, once selected, click the Register button and proceed with the registration process. Sign up today and join the movement alongside thousands of other Canadians who are stepping forward to fight global poverty. 

How do I join a team? 

You can join a team two different ways: 

  1. Click on “Register” and choose the “Join a Team” button. Then search for the team you would like to join and complete the registration process. 
  2. Click on “Donate” and search for the team you’re looking to join, then select the “join team” button from the team page. 

Is there a registration fee? 

There is no registration fee for World Partnership Walk, simply go online and register. Once you complete your registration, you will officially become a Walk participant and your fundraising efforts will make a difference in the lives of families across Africa and Asia. 

What if I don’t remember my username or password? 

If you have trouble retrieving your username and password, click on “Login” at the top of the screen and select Forgot Username and enter the email address used last year. Once you receive this email, you can select the link. If you have forgotten your password and you will be sent an email with a link to reset your password. If the username you receive doesn’t look right, please contact the help desk through submitting a ticket or placing a call. 

Can I use my username and password from previous years? 

If you were a registered participant in the past, use the same account and register as a returning user to access contact lists as well as online donations from the past. If this is your first time, please register as a new user. 

I participated in the World Partnership Walk last year. Do I have to register again this year? 

Yes, you need to register each year to reactivate your account. To do this, click “Register” under the  “Get Involved” section. After choosing your Walk city, login as a “Returning Participant”. 

How do I join a team after I have already registered as an individual? 

To join a team after you have already registered as an individual fundraiser, follow the below steps from your Participant Centre:

  1. Click on “Profile” along the top menu.
  2. Click on “Event Options” in the menu that appears below.
  3. Click on “Join a Team” near the bottom of the options.
  4. Search for the team you wish to join.
  5. Click on the “Join Team” button that appears next to the name of the team you wish to join.

I received an email saying I am the Team Captain, but I did not select this option. 

If you were the first participant to register for the team and reactivated the team for the current year, you will receive the “Team Captain” welcome email. This happens even if you did not select to be the team captain. Our apologies for this inconvenience. If there is an icon beside your name on the team page indicating you are the captain, please contact us to make the necessary changes.

How do I change my team’s name? 

As the Team Captain, login to your Participant Centre and scroll down to where you can toggle between “Me” and “My Team” and click on “My Team”. From there you can edit: 

  • The captain’s message your team members see when they sign-in 
  • Your team’s name 
  • Your team’s goal 
  • The custom URL to your team page (optional) 
  • And the content and image that appear on your team’s page 

How do I change my team’s goal? 

As the Team Captain, login to your Participant Centre and scroll down to where you can toggle between “Me” and “My Team” and click on “My Team”. From there you can edit: 

  • The captain’s message your team members see when they sign-in 
  • Your team’s name 
  • Your team’s goal 
  • The custom URL to your team page (optional) 
  • And the content and image that appear on your team’s page 

How do I select a new captain for a team? 

To select a new team captain for a team, the current team captain will need to click on the “contact us” link in the top  left corner of the website, and click on “Submit a request with our helpdesk!”. Then select “Online Fundraising” from the subject dropdown menu and in the message box indicate the name of the team and a currently registered ambassador who is to become the new team captain. 

How do I delete a team that I created? 

To delete a team that you have created, please click on the “contact us” link in the top left corner of the website and click on “Submit a request with our helpdesk!” Then select “Online Fundraising” from the subject dropdown menu and in the message box indicate the name of the team you would like removed from the system. Please note, only current team captains may send a request to have a team deleted. 

What is the Participant Centre? 

The Participant Centre is an online fundraising platform that allows you to send customizable emails to  your network in order to solicit donations, check on your fundraising progress and much more. 

What is my Personal Fundraising page? 

It is an online page that showcases an individual and their fundraising efforts. The link to this page can  be shared in order for others to donate to you directly. Participants can customize the content and  images on this page from the Participant Centre.  

What is the World Partnership Walk app? 

The World Partnership Walk app allows you to share your experience with your network and  fellow participants from the palm of your hand. With the app, you can update your  fundraising page, check your progress, send emails, and share social media messages. 

Where can I download the app? 

You can download the app on Google Play and the Apple App Store. 

How do I track my activity with the app? 

Once you have registered as a participant and downloaded the app, make sure to connect to the health tracker of your choice: Apple, Google Fit or StravaOnce it’s connected, the data will sync automatically, so you can see your stats and set physical goals. Alternatively, you can also  manually enter and edit activities. When you’re ready to track your activity, go to the Get Active  tab on the bottom right corner of the app and click Start! 

How do I take on activity challenges? 

In the Get Active section of the app, click on Challenges. Here you will see a list of available challenges that you can take onJoining a challenge and sharing it on social is a great way to show your network and fellow participants that you are committed to fighting global poverty! 

Can I donate offline? 

Yes! You can donate offline via the following methods: 

  1. By mailing your payment to AKFC in Ottawa. Cheques and money orders must be made payable to: Aga Khan Foundation Canada and mailed to 199 Sussex Drive, Ottawa ON, K1N 1K6.  Please ensure to indicate: WPW on the memo line of the cheque. 
  2. By credit card: Donors can contact the Donor Services department, by phone at 1-800-267-2532 x191 or by email at [email protected]
  3. By contributing publicly listed and traded securities: Donors can contact the Donor Services department, by phone at 1-800-267-2532 x191 or by email at  [email protected] 

Where does my donation go? 

Donations raised through World Partnership Walk directly support Aga Khan Foundation Canada programs in more than a dozen countries around the world. Thanks to the generosity of thousands of Canadians, we can maintain the quality of our work and have greater communal impact. 

I have mistakenly donated twice/the wrong amount, how do I receive a refund? 

To receive a refund for a donation, please click on the “contact us” link in the top right corner of the website. Please select the “Tax Receipt” option from the subject dropdown menu and let us know your name, email address, and the total amount of the donation you would like refunded due to the error. 

When will I receive my tax receipt? 

  1. Donations made online directly from the Walk website will be issued an electronic tax receipt a few seconds after the donation is successfully processed. 
  2. Offline donations made over the phone or via cheque, will be issued a tax receipt 6 weeks after the Walk event when donations have been processed. Tax receipt will be either mailed to the donor’s address or emailed. 

My tax receipt displays incorrect information, what do I do?

To change the information displayed on your tax receipt, please click on the “contact us” link in the top left corner or the website. Click on “Submit a request with our Helpdesk”. A new window will open, select the “Tax Receipt” option from the subject dropdown menu and in the message box, indicate your name, email address, the amount of your donation, and the correct information that should be on the tax receipt. A donor services representative will then contact you regarding the requested changes. Only the original donor may have the changes made. 

I have lost my tax receipt, what do I do? 

Please contact Donor Services at by phone at 1-800-267-2532 x191 or by email at [email protected] 

How can I volunteer for World Partnership Walk?

Thank you for your willingness to volunteer with World Partnership Walk! Please visit the volunteer page for current volunteer opportunities or reach out to us at [email protected] to see how you can get involved.

Can my fundraising efforts count towards volunteer hours?

Yes! Most schoolboards consider fundraising part of the mandatory volunteer hours to graduate high school. Please refer to your school board’s website to confirm. For instructions on how to submit your volunteer hours, please consult the volunteer page.

What is Aga Khan Foundation Canada? 

Aga Khan Foundation Canada (AKFC) is a non-profit international development organization and a registered Canadian charity. AKFC works with Canadians and communities in Africa and Asia to improve quality of life and find lasting solutions to the complex problems causing global poverty. In Canada, AKFC raises funds, builds partnerships with Canadian institutions, and promotes discussion and learning on global issues. AKFC is part of the Aga Khan Development Network, one of the world’s largest development organizations. 

How does AKFC help communities in Africa and Asia build better futures? 

Because poverty is complex, AKFC supports local solutions to global challenges with a multifaceted approach. AKFC programs focus on improving education and health care, creating economic opportunities for women and men, cultivating agriculture and food security, and nurturing early childhood development. We promote gender equality in all of our programs, to empower women, girls, and their communities to break down gender barriers and build a more equal world. 

To ensure this progress lasts for the long term, AKFC partners with local governments and institutions, and anchors their programs within the communities they serve. 

How does AKFC select the countries where it works? 

Effective development takes time, so AKFC focuses on countries where they can make long-term investments in strengthening the capacities of communities and institutions to sustain development gains. That focus enables the foundation to draw on the expertise and resources of the wider Aga Khan Development Network, including highly skilled local staff who can deliver programs, monitor progress, and ensure effective results. Currently, AKFC works in a dozen countries, with some of the most vulnerable people in Africa and Asia.

How does AKFC implement its programs? 

Experienced, local professionals and partner organizations implement AKFC’s overseas programs. These professionals draw on targeted Canadian and global expertise where needed, to build the skills and knowledge that local communities need to sustain improvements over the long term. Independent audits and evaluations ensure accountability and the effective use of resources, as well as help AKFC identify lessons and best practices to strengthen its programs. 

What is the relationship between the Government of Canada and AKFC? 

AKFC undertakes many of its programs in cooperation with the Government of Canada through Global Affairs Canada. Like other development organizations that receive funding from the federal government, our programs are subject to rigorous proposal processes, regular audits, and external evaluations. Since 1980, Canada and AKFC have partnered on more than 180 programs to improve global development in 19 countries – improving quality of life for millions of people across Africa and Asia. 

What does AKFC do in Canada? 

AKFC provides a range of opportunities for Canadians from coast to coast to help unlock opportunity around the world. AKFC holds events – such as exhibitions and interactive workshops – that enable the public to learn about global development. AKFC’s youth fellowship program has launched global careers for 500 promising young Canadian professionals, and their technical assistance programs help strengthen and channel Canadian skills and expertise to support their work overseas. Targeted activities and resources promote learning and exchange within the Canadian development sector and provide tools for educators to incorporate global issues into their classrooms. 

How is AKFC responding to COVID-19? 

For over 40 years, AKFC’s programs have contributed to a wide range of activities to reduce poverty and build the foundations of resilient communities. This work includes a substantial portfolio of programs which aim to strengthen healthcare systems at the local and regional levels, in Africa and Asia. 

AKFC’s activities continue during the current COVID-19 crisis. Their programs have adapted to respond to the evolving needs facing each community where they work. This includes activities to prevent the spread of the virus and provide care for patients (especially the severely and critically ill), as well as education programming to ensure students can continue to learn remotely. AKFC’s approach also aims to minimize the pandemic’s effects on communities more broadly, with support for the vulnerable, social services, and economic activity. 

As part of this response, we are mindful of how the pandemic affects different populations in different ways, particularly women and girls. AKFC programs are taking a nuanced approach to addressing gender and other social barriers, so that everyone can get the support they need. 


We’re happy to answer your questions and here to help you every step of the way. Please visit our contact page for our contact information and support options.