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Stepping Forward Makes Good Business Sense

Every year, over 800 Canadian companies take part in the World Partnership Walk.


Our corporate partners recognize that their support is a smart investment in the fight against global poverty – a cause that Canadians overwhelmingly support. Nine out of 10 Canadians agree that it is important to improve health, education, and economic opportunity for the world’s poorest.


Our workplace programs are a great way to:


  • Enhance corporate marketing, branding, and networking objectives
  • Be recognized as a globally-minded and community-oriented company
  • Engage employees and customers in a meaningful cause
  • Connect with highly desirable, influential, and diverse Walk audience


We have many ways for your workplace to support positive global change:

Step Forward. Form a Workplace Team

Starting a workplace team opens many valuable opportunities for Corporate Team Captains and team members to engage their colleagues, make a positive impact, and raise the profile of their business and corporation in the community.


Our corporate partners have seen the benefits of encouraging their employees to step forward:


  • Improved talent retention and productivity
  • Greater emotional connection with the organization
  • An enriched corporate culture
  • Employees becoming champions of their organization


Take the first step and start your team here!